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Toilet Assist

The Arthr Toilet Assist

The Arthr Toilet Assist offers discreet assistance when sitting down and getting up from the toilet. It features two sturdy handles which helps people with arthritis by relieving pressure from the knees, hips and lower back when getting down and back up from using the toilet. It blends subtly into the bathroom and doubles up as storage for spare toilet rolls.

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Arthr Bath Step

The Arthr Bath Step

A nice hot bath can be tricky for people living with arthritis. The Arthr Bath Step provides a neat and stylish handle with a stable platform to help you get in and out of the bath with confidence. This brilliantly designed functional aid assists people with arthritis by reducing the height necessary to step over the edge of the bath and providing stability for those who feel unsteady. It also looks stylish and elegant in any bathroom.

You can pre-order the Bath Step now!

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