Deft Advanced Daily Shower Cleaner

Effortless, eco-friendly cleaning

Deft daily shower dissolves and prevents soap scum with ease and leaves no nasty chemical residue to worry about, just a gorgeous gleaming shower. Enjoy the continuous mist with just a light squeeze of the trigger and cover surfaces evenly.

After showering, hold deft 15-20 cm from surfaces and spray a continuous mist over all wet surfaces. No need to scrub, rinse or squeegee, just spray and walk away. For best results, start with a clean shower.

Light touch trigger for stress-free pumping

  • Continuous, fine spray

  • Award winning 360° Spray – spray any way, even upside down!

  • Up to 50% faster cleaning

  • Good to the last drop – no waste

  • Cruelty free, recyclable & zero global warming.

Powered by compressed air, Deft Advanced Daily Shower releases a continuous spray that covers surfaces evenly with a fine mist of its powerful plant-based formula

Deft’s award winning 360° Anyway Spray technology allows you to clean awkward corners with ease, dispensing spray whatever angle you’re holding your bottle, even upside down! It also means that every last drop is used, so nothing goes to waste, giving you better value for money.

Made from a non-toxic plant-based formula, it’s kind on the environment and the whole bottle – including the trigger head – is fully recyclable.

Deft loves cleaning as well as our planet, one should not compromise the other. That’s why Deft has developed a 100% recyclable solution with zero emissions that uses non toxic, biodegradable plant based formulas with smart-botanics for an amazing cleaning result.

How does it help?

Deft's sprays are arthritis friendly and are designed to eliminate hand pain when cleaning. The clever technology inside deft produces a continuous, fine spray which means no more stressful pumping action.


Brand Deft
Weight 497g
Dimensions 5.7 x 5.7 x 27 cm
Materials Made from a non-toxic plant-based formula
What's included? x1 Deft Advanced Daily Shower Cleaner
Origin Manufactured in the UK
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Deft Advanced Daily Shower Cleaner - Savannah Rain


Stress-free cleaning


Frequently asked questions

Is Deft plant based?

Yes! Deft's ingredients are 100% natural, plant and mineral based and non-toxic. You’ll get great cleaning without all the harsh chemicals

My bottle looks only 80% full, is this right?

Yes. The technology inside deft needs compressed air to power the product out of the bottle. The top 20% of the bottle is compressed air at around 10bar or around 145psi. Because they use Anyway spray technology, only the liquid can pass through the tube and not the gas. This means you can spray in any direction, even upside down.

Is Deft recyclable?

Absolutely. Deft is not only great for your hands, it’s great for the planet. Their plastic bottles are PET (and so are the printed sleeves) which is like gold in the recycling chain – very easy to recycle! So, when you’ve used every last drop of deft, please put your bottle in the plastic recycling.

How does the spray work at any angle?

The magical Anyway Spray Technology inside means that as long as the liquid is touching the tube – it will work! You can spray a continuous spray in any orientation… even upside down!

What should I use to wipe off deft?

Everyone has their own preference. Any clean, fresh cloth, sponge or kitchen roll will work just fine.

Is Deft safe around children and pets?

Yes. Deft's ingredients are plant based and non-toxic. Their child lock prevents the little ones from going spray crazy!

How does the child lock work?

Underneath the trigger, you can see a small catch. Twist the catch 90 degrees to unlock, twist back to the centre to lock the trigger.

Can I use every last drop of Deft?

You sure can. The clever Anyway Spray Technology means that the liquid goes through the walls of the tube so no wasted liquid is left behind.

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