G-Hold Tablet Holder - Champagne Gold

Holds your device so you don't have to.

Arthritis in the fingers and wrist can constrain one from handling tablets, readers and cases. The G-Hold® Universal Tablet Holder is an intelligently designed and patented technology that allows your hand to remain in a very relaxed position whilst securing your tablet. It puts an end to the need to grip your table or reader whilst scrolling through the screen.

Comfortable grip

Goodbye unnecessary strain

The G-Hold® Universal Tablet Holder eliminates the need to grip the side of your tablet or reader whilst navigating the touch screen, thus avoiding strain around the carpal tunnel. The weight of the tablet is supported with the help of a circular disc that slides between your fingers along with the longer of two stems.

Ergonomically tested

Tested and approved by Microsoft Surface, Panasonic, Apple’s own ergonomics team and the Amazon Devices team .

Adjustable and universally compatible

  • 360º Rotation for both landscape and portrait viewing
  • Compatible with all tablets, readers and cases
  • Easily removable
  • Adjustable to access kickstands and other accessories
  • Clips down flat for easy storage
  • Low profile VELCRO® pads

Frequently asked questions

How does the G - Hold Universal Tablet Holder work?

The G – Hold Universal Tablet Holder’s Award-winning ergonomic design has proven to reduce strain on hand and wrist. It has 360º rotation, which makes Landscape and Portrait viewing possible.

Is it compatible with my tablet?

It is compatible with all tablets, readers and cases. The G Hold Tablet Holder is tested and approved by Microsoft Surface, Apple’s own ergonomics team, the Amazon Devices team and Panasonic.


Weight 42g
Dimensions Diameter: 111mm / Depth: 6mm. Loop pad diameter: 90mm / depth 1mm
Materials Durable ABS unit. Premium-comfort stems that are stone-tumbled to create a smooth finish that is kind to both your skin and your carpal tunnel.
What's Included x1 Low-profile velour pad from VELCRO® Brand.
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