G-Hold Working From Home Kit

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The G-Hold working from home kit is a solution that supports your musculoskeletal health while working and learning from home. The G-Hold working from home kit is ideal for work, play, learn and create from the comfort of your home.

It consists of the G-Hold Tablet Holder, the G-Hold Phone Holder and Stand, G-Hold Home Hangs, Extra velour loop pads and laminated stretch guides and stretch video access. All the products in the working from home kit are available in the black colour variant.

G-Hold Phone Holder

The G-Hold Phone Holder

The G-Hold Universal Phone Holder and Stand is an ergonomic, cushioned holder and stand, which utilises G-Hold's patented technology and VELCRO® Brand’s low-profile, releasable material for wireless charging. It is universally compatible with all phones and flat-backed cases.

G-Hold Tablet Holder

The G-Hold Tablet Holder

The G-Hold® Universal Tablet Holder eliminates the need to grip the side of your tablet or reader whilst navigating the touch screen, thus avoiding strain around the carpal tunnel. The weight of the tablet is supported with the help of a circular disc that slides between your fingers along with the longer of two stems.

G-Hold Home Hang

The G-Hold Home Hang

The G-Hold Home Hang can be used to hang any phone, tablet, screen or accessory from any secure picture hook or utensil hanger. It is perfect for video calling / presenting, with flexible height positioning without the need for expensive equipment and can be used as a convenient desk riser when paired with a wireless keyboard. The VELCRO® Brand attachment offers ultimate security and flexibility and velour (loop) pads can be cut to size

Laminated Stretch Guides

The laminated stretch guides contain easy stretches by award winning osteopath and author Gavin Routledge of Active x Backs. He has created a bespoke program of stretches for your hand, wrist, neck and back to alleviate common pressure points that often build whilst working from home.

The G-Hold Working from Home kit

Our kit has everything you need in one box, all designed to make working from home more comfortable. The full suite of ergonomic products are suitable for your everyday devices

Frequently asked questions

Are the products in the G-Hold working from home kit tested?

It has been tested and approved by Microsoft, Apple and Amazon devices.

What is the easiest way to remove a device from the Home hang?

To avoid the need to grip and pull the Home Hang off your device when the VELCRO® material is new and very strong, use a spatula to slide between the Home Hang and the back of your device and slowly edge the items apart.


Brand G-Hold
Dimensions Phone Holder: Length: 71mm / Width: 47mm; Tablet Holder: Diameter: 111mm / Depth: 6mm. Loop pad diameter: 90mm / depth 1mm
Material Phone Holder: super tough nylon; Tablet Holder: ABS & Polypropylene; Home Hang: polypropylene and laminated stretch sheet.
What's included? x1 phone holder; x1 tablet holder; x2 home hangs; x2 extra velour (loop) pads; x1 laminated stretch guides and stretch video access
Origin Manufactured in the UK

We are proud to say that the G-Hold Working From Home Kit has been manufactured in Britain and has helped in creating a positive impact on our economy and the environment. To know more, click here.

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