Manta Hair Brush

Brush your way to healthier hair

The Manta Hair Brush is a flexible palm size brush that moulds to the shape of your hand and scalp, creating less tension, while its bendy, forgiving bristles minimize snags. It is ultra gentle resulting in minimum hair breakage and maximum shine. The Manta hair brush helps immensely with hair care and daily self-care and independence. It is perfect for all hair types including fine, fragile, thick, curls, coils, children, men and hair extension wearers

Get tangle free hair

  • Handle fits easily between fingers
  • Patented Flexguard technology which helps in creating less tension
  • Palm-sized brush
  • Ease to hold/grip
  • Detangles hair quickly and effectively

So soft and gentle!

"As someone who experiences a lot of hairlessness due to alopecia and my medication I tend to end up putting off brushing my hair. However, the Manta brush has changed this for me. It is so soft and gentle when brushing and it doesn't feel like I'm tugging at my hair to get any knots out. It is also so lightweight and comfortable to hold. Not only does it have all these great benefits but it also leaves my hair silky, smooth and soft."


"Having received the Manta hairbrush I couldn’t believe how much it has helped. The flexibility and palm sized brush has many dexterity benefits aswell as being incredibly lightweight. These design aspects are essential for someone like me who has disjointed and misshapen hands due to arthritis. I love that it has flexible bristles which make you feel like you have brushed your hair thoroughly whilst also reducing breakage. Another benefit for someone who experiences extensive hair loss through autoimmune conditions and subsequent medications. As a parent this has also been greatly beneficial for me to use on my children’s hair without any issues."



Brand Manta
Dimensions 370mm x 370mm x 290mm (boxed)
What's included? x1 Manta hair brush
Origin Made in China
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Manta Hair Brush - Black

£25.00 inc VAT

Brush your way to healthier hair

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