Marylehome Easy Zip Up Fitted Bed Sheet - UK King

Better living through easier bedding

Discover the bedding of your dreams with the new and unique Marylehome easy bed sheet, the first zip up sheet in the UK. Marylehome has made changing the sheets so easy you could do it in your sleep. Placing or changing fitted sheets on & off the mattress will never be a struggle again.

The Marylehome sheets can be zipped on and off in seconds, leaving you with more time to catch those z’s. Unlike traditional fitted bed sheets, their 3-in-1 sheet contains a mattress protector and two top sheets, which are easy to wash and fold.

Simply lay the top sheet flat on your bed and zip all the way around; there’s no need to lift the mattress.

How does the Marylehome Easy Zip Up Fitted Bed Sheet work?


  • To make things as stress-free as possible, our Easy Bed Sheet comes with one Top Sheet pre-attached to the Mattress Protector.

  • Locate the red sticker next to the zip puller and place this on the bottom left-hand corner of your bed.

  • Pull the elastic corners underneath the mattress as you would with traditional fitted sheets.


  • When laundry day rolls around, there's no need to lift the mattress.

  • Simply unzip to remove the current Top Sheet (The mattress protector stays put).

  • Zip on your fresh top sheet starting from the bottom left-hand corner.

Hassle-free sheets

  • Swift action zip-on sheets
  • Easy to clean, change and fold
  • Made with comfort in mind
  • Durable

The fitted mattress protector keeps the mattress safe and snugly. It hugs the sides of the mattress keeping the fitted corners firmly in place.

The sheets can be changed without having to lift the mattress by zipping the top part on and off. Each sheet set includes two 300 thread count sateen cotton zip-on sheets and 1 fitted base.

How does it help?

The Marylehome Easy Bed Sheet solves an age-old annoyance without compromising on quality, for the dreamiest bedtime routine. To make things as stress-free as possible the Marylehome Easy Bed Sheet has a unique easy change design that greatly reduces the strength and dexterity required to change bedsheets. Each set comes with a mattress protector and two top sheets, which are easy to wash and fold.


Brand Marylehome
Materials Made from 100% Long Staple Cotton, 300 Thread Count, Sateen Weave
Dimensions 190x135 cm
Thread count 300
What's included? x2 sateen cotton zip-on sheets; x1 fitted mattress protector
Origin Manufactured in India

Marylehome Easy Zip Up Fitted Bed Sheet - UK King - Berry Blue

From £69.99

Better living through easier bedding


Frequently asked questions

What gives the Marylehome bedding a luxurious feel?

The Marylehome bed linen is made from a thread count of 300 threads per square inch of fabric – and is woven using a sateen weave, which gives a lustrous sheen and a smooth and silky feel.

How deep are the Marylehome fitted sheets?

Marylehome fitted sheets are 31cm deep and are designed to fit most UK mattresses.

How much shrinkage can I expect after washing my sheets?

Marylehome bedding is engineered to fit! For the best results, wash before first use. Our cottons are sized for a small amount of shrinkage in the first wash. They are not pre-shrunk.

Cotton is a natural fibre, which shrinks a little during the first wash. A shrinkage of between 1% - 4% is normal.

Why are my sheets not wrinkle-free after washing?

Wrinkles are not a sign of poor quality, they are an inherent feature of natural, good quality fabrics. Cotton is a natural fiber, whose inherent properties means that it wrinkles when washed. Marylehome doesn't add polyester or artificial anti-wrinkle treatments that damage the fabric.

What kind of packaging does Marylehome use?

All Marylehome products are packaged in reusable PVC pouches. The pouches are designed to be re-used for multiple purposes e.g. as a shoe bag, a toiletries bag, etc.

It is then packed into recyclable boxes, which again can be re-used for multiple purposes e.g. as a shoe box, a stationery box, or a general storage box.

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