Nimble One Finger Cutting Tool

The World's first one-finger safety cutter

The Nimble One Finger Cutting Tool can be used for everything from opening parcels and mailer bags, to cutting out coupons or even wrapping presents.


The new way to open parcels

  • A special safe blade design
  • One-finger use makes it easier than using scissors or knives for many tasks
  • Ultra-hard ceramic blade
  • One-fits-all design
  • Bright yellow colour makes it easy to spot when needed

How it helps

Nimble helps in effortless opening of post and food packaging with one finger. It’s versatile and quick to use! Just slide it on your finger and you’re ready to go. Because you wear Nimble on your finger, it almost feels like an extension of your hand instead of feeling like a tool.

Frequently asked questions

What can I use Nimble to open?

Use it for everything from opening parcels and mailer bags, to cutting out coupons or even wrapping presents.

Is it safe?

Nimble's safe blade profile means accidental injury is next to impossible. The safety of Nimble's blade is primarily due to its size... it's only as long as it needs to be. Children can use Nimble as a safe alternative to box cutters and craft knives (adult supervision recommended).

Will I need to replace the blade?

Nimble's zirconia ceramic blade is much harder and longer lasting than steel (see the hardness table). The one finger cutting tool built to last which means you won't need a replacement anytime soon. The rest of Nimble is made from platinum-cured silicon rubber and ABS plastic.

Will it fit on my finger?

A special sleeve design means Nimble can easily adapt to fit most finger sizes by holding small or stretching wider. For smaller fingers, Nimble can fit one or more! Nimble’s outside grooves also make for good grip, so you can hold Nimble in any way you can imagine!

Won’t I lose it?

Nimble's bright yellow colour means it stands out in even the most cluttered of drawers. It’s also free-standing which is great for your desk.


Brand Nimble
Dimensions 3.7 x 2.3 x 2.7cm
Material silicone rubber, ABS plastic, zirconia ceramic,
What's included? x1 nimble one finger cutting tool
Origin Made in China
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The new way to open parcels


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