The Koa Cover - UK King

Get fresh sheets without wrestling your duvet.

The Koa duvet cover is a luxuriously soft duvet cover that removes the bed changing faff that we all despise. Koa's easy change design has an inventive central opening, that puts every corner within arms reach, for an easier and quicker duvet cover change.

The Koa cover has been made from 100% natural cotton and is woven by the finest textile factories in Guimarães, Portugal, which gives it an airy, soft finish.

Stylish and unique

  • Unique, easy change duvet cover that removes the bed changing faff.
  • 100% high quality, single-ply cotton, for a softer and finer finish.
  • A zipper designed for comfort
  • A classic, 200 thread count, percale weave with a tumbled finish for a soft and airy feel.
  • Produced in Portugal by OEKO TEX Certified Factories. (Free from harmful chemicals).

How it helps

The Koa Cover has a unique easy change design that greatly reduces the strength and dexterity required to change a duvet cover. It comes with a unique three zipper opening allows the duvet cover to be placed open on the bed and a duvet to be fitted without any heavy lifting, shaking or pulling reducing stress on the shoulder, wrist and elbow joints.

Anti-bunching ties!

Koa Covers come with easy access corner ties to hold the duvet in place and stop it bunching. Either tie to existing loops on your duvet, or around the corner of the duvet itself.

The Koa Duvet Cover is available in White colour, Slate colour, Fragment print and Landscape print. You can also get both of these variants in a Double size! Koa also has pillowcases in white, slate, fragment and landscape in a standard size to match your duvet cover.

Frequently asked questions

What thread count is the Koa Cover?

The Koa cover has a 200 thread count. The thread count is often inflated with twisted yarns to make fabric sound softer, yet there are many other factors which contribute to softness, and importantly, breathability. Koa has done extensive research, felt 100’s of samples and selected a fabric with single ply yarns that’s chemical free and garment washed for a super soft finish.

What material is the Koa Cover made from?

Koa is made from 100% natural cotton and has a percale weave. Cotton with a percale weave is great for long-lasting softness, and gets even softer after each wash.

Is the zipper comfortable?

Absolutely! Koa’s zipper has been specifically designed to be so soft that you won’t even notice it’s there. The extra fabric flap discreetly hides the zipper so you won’t see it either. We've also designed a fabric zipper pull that's soft, reliable and easy to use.


Brand Koa
Dimensions 225 x 220 cm
Materials 100% Cotton
What's included? 1x Koa Cover, UK King - White
Origin Made in Portugal

Absolutely Wonderful!

"The Koa Duvet cover is absolutely wonderful. The unique design with the zips makes it so to put on. I usually struggle with changing the duvet cover, but the Koa cover has made the process so much easier. I highly recommend the Koa Duvet cover."

Amanda Sarosi | Arthr ChangeMaker

"The material is lovely and soft and the zip fasteners are well thought out. The added corner ties mean that the duvet has less chance of moving around or bunching up. The best feature I would say is the well made flat zips. Even if you had to turn the cover over and have these on the underside I feel that it would still be comfortable. I would recommend this to someone else with arthritis as I found it less of a hassle putting the duvet inside."

Myra Lucy | Arthr ChangeMaker

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The Koa Cover - UK King - White

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Fresh sheets in 3 simple steps


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