The Toilet Riser

Up and down with ease

Arthritis in knees and hips can make it difficult to do the most basic things, including going to the toilet. The Toilet Riser elegantly increases the height of your toilet making it easier to sit down on and get up from.

The Arthr Toilet Riser

Ease and Style

The Toilet Riser makes the toilet easier to use by increasing its height. Other products may raise the height of a toilet but none as elegantly as the Toilet Riser, which appears from the outside as a contemporary toilet. It installs simply with no specialist tools required, and its stylish soft-close seat hugs the toilet perfectly. It is the perfect addition to your contemporary bathroom.

Looks at home in any home, even yours

  • Quick installation
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Soft-close seat
  • Elegant and ergonomic design
  • Slides over smoothly

Design That Avoids Pain

The Toilet Riser assists people with arthritis by taking pressure off the knees, hips and lower back when bending to sit down and get up from the toilet.

Fitting requirements


The Toilet Riser will fit most round pan or D shaped toilets as long as the measurements are not greater than those shown in the diagram. It will fit traditional closed couple toilets and those with hidden cisterns. The Toilet Riser will not fit square toilets.


Brand Arthr
Dimensions 44cm x 34cm x 53cm
Weight 15kg
Material Urea Formaldehyde body, Stainless Steel soft-close hinges
Origin Manufactured in the UK
What's included? x1 toilet seat, x1 fixing, x2 screws, x1 stabilising knob

Frequently asked questions

How does the Toilet Riser help?

The Toilet Riser is much higher than the normal toilet seat which gives a mechanical advantage to a person's hips and knees. It makes it easier for someone to get on and off the toilet if they have stiffness or weakness in muscles as a result of arthritis. The Toilet Riser slides over your existing toilet and comes with a soft-close seat, which makes it incredibly easy to remove and clean.

How do I clean in and around The Toilet Riser?

The Toilet Riser slides out for easy cleaning.

How tall is The Toilet Riser?

The Toilet Riser is 540mm tall

Does The Toilet Riser require any special tools for installation?

The Toilet Riser comes with a fixing bar, two screws and a stabilising knob for quick and easy installation with no specialist tools. Tools may be required to remove your existing toilet seat.

Will The Toilet Riser fit my toilet?

The Toilet Riser fits most round-pan or D-shaped toilets provided their measurements are no greater than those shown in the diagram above (360mm wide, 390mm deep). It also fits traditional close-coupled toilets and those with hidden cisterns. The Toilet Riser will not fit square toilets.

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Rethinking the toilet for those with arthritis


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