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The Zeez Sleep Pebble is a small under the pillow sleep device which mimics the brainwaves of a good sleeper: alpha, theta and delta frequencies used in a timed sequence through 4 sleep cycles to prompt a good sleep pattern in poor sleepers. The frequencies used, the wave form, pulse width, and power levels of signals are designed to match those of the brain as closely as possible.

The magnetic field strength is extremely low power. It cannot cross the skull and directly affect the brain. Our brain picks up low power frequencies generated outside the body. The Zeez sleep pebble generates no sound, or vibration. Within 1-3 weeks, most people begin to follow that pattern generate by the Zeez so that they fall asleep easily, wake less during the night, and feel refreshed when they wake up.

A healthy sleep cycle

Helps users to fall asleep faster - In testing, 38% of users fell asleep within 15 mins before using the Zeez Sleep Pebble. After using the Zeez Sleep Pebble this rose to 81%

Helps users to stay asleep - Before using the Zeez Sleep Pebble, 70% of those tested woke up during the night - three or more times each week, and 60% got up to go to the loo three or more times each week. After using the Zeez, these figures dropped to 35% and 30%.

Improve your sleep

  • Helps users to Sleep longer - In testing, only 29% of users had more than 6 hours sleep / night before using the Zeez Sleep Pebble. After using the Zeez Sleep Pebble this rose to 88%.
  • Improved sleep quality - 89% of those surveyed before using the Zeez rated their sleep as “Fairly bad” or “very bad”. After using the Zeez, 86% rated their sleep as “very good” or “fairly good” and only 14% rated their sleep as “Fairly bad” or “very bad”.

Low Power

The Zeez sleep pebble is extremely low power - Both electrically and magnetically, Its far lower than other sleep devices which have to create fields of sufficient power to cross the skull and directly affect the brain.

How does it help?

Most people respond to its low power pulses by falling asleep easily, staying asleep, and sleeping deeply so that they wake up refreshed. Better sleep quality helps our body to repair, to reduce pain, and helps our mental and emotional resilience

Frequently asked questions

What electrical devices do I have to unplug, and what about Wi-Fi equipment?

Lamps, CPAP devices, cordless landline phones that date from 2019 onwards (and older DECT and IDECT phones), white noise machines and some fans and heaters are OK. Anything with a sizeable motor, transformer, or clock function, will not be. That includes alarm clocks, radios, computers, electric blankets and phone chargers. Battery powered devices are OK. Use your phone in airplane mode as an alarm if useful. Your router is OK provided that it (and any booster boxes) is more than 7m away. Otherwise switch it off overnight.

Turn off your router if you have an Alexa, Amazon Echo, smart plugs or
smart lights
in your bedroom. If you can’t turn off the router, this must be disconnected or put on a timer. Neighbour's’ Wi-Fi is rarely a problem.

Can I use my Zeez Sleep Pebble with a sleep tracker?

Yes, provided that your tracker uses low power Bluetooth.

Can I use my Zeez for naps?

Yes. It may help you to relax and to have a good quality nap. Ideally, nap for 20 minutes. This is refreshing and will not compromise your deep sleep at night.

Will the Zeez pebble affect my partner?

No. The field created extends upwards through two pillows, but very little to the side. However, both partner’s sleep often improves when one partner sleeps better.

What if the Zeez Sleep Pebble doesn’t work for me?

Consider supplementing minerals, especially a good form of magnesium, and follow Zeez’s sleep tips. You can of course return the Zeez, but we would rather that you slept better.

What do I do if my Zeez Sleep Pebble stops working?

We repair / replace the Zeez Sleep Pebble free for the first year and thereafter at reasonable cost. The battery is guaranteed for one year.

Can I use a Zeez Sleep Pebble with a CPAP machine?

Yes. Whilst a CPAP device helps with breathing, it cannot help with poor sleep issues that have a different cause – e.g. stress. The Zeez Sleep Pebble addresses these other issues and may deepen sleep quality so that the disturbance of the CPAP machine is tolerable.

Who benefits from the Zeez Sleep Pebble? I have tried everything.

Most people benefit from using the Zeez Sleep Pebble , even those who have tried everything else.

Zeez technology prompts our brain into a good pattern for sleep. If our brain is compromised by lack of minerals, is dehydrated, or flooded with water so that vital minerals are washed away, is over stimulated by sugar or night-time carbs, the Zeez Sleep Pebble can’t compensate for that. Please feed your brain adequately, consider whether you need any supplements, and follow Zeez’s sleep tips.

Can I use the Zeez Sleep Pebble whilst I am using other medication?

The Zeez Sleep Pebble can work alongside most other medications, with the exception of some drugs for bipolar disorder. Benzodiazepines make the task harder and slower. Implanted brain stimulation devices overwhelm the Zeez.

"Such a positive experience! I was genuinely surprised at how much it helped even within the first week- I went from having to nap every afternoon and then not sleeping until around 1am to having a generally 'normal' sleep cycle- I even managed to cut out napping on most days!"

Arthr ChangeMaker

"As someone who suffers really badly with fatigue as part of my condition, I was able to mostly completely cut out my naps (with the exception of during a bit of a flare up- but it was easy to get back into a sleep pattern again once this had calmed down). I felt so much more energetic and able to tackle things even at a time when work (teaching) has been incredibly stressful. I went a month and a half with no afternoon naps- literally unheard of!! I've already recommended it to other people :)"

Arthr ChangeMaker


Brand Zeez
Materials Recyclable ABS
Dimensions 15cm x 8.5cm x 2.5cm
What's included? x1 Zeez Sleep Pebble, x1 cable, x1 instruction leaflet, x1 sleep tips, x1 bag
Origin Made in the UK
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