Not An Everyday Event

Written by Ellen Robinson, 06 October

There are everyday events and there are Arthr events

Monday 12th October was World Arthritis Day, and what better day to have officially launched?

Of course, at Arthr we are doing our best to raise awareness every single day, but this does not make awareness days any less important to us. They are the days when the community stands together as a collective to shout about what they believe in and at Arthr that is making everyday life easier for people with arthritis whilst brightening their homes at the same time.

Arthritis is one of the most common conditions in the world however we have seen so many flaws in the existing product range that is offered to people with Arthritis. We chose to use World Arthritis Day to amplify our message, and showcase everything we’ve been working on. You can watch the recording of our virtual launch featuring guest speakers from Versus Arthritis and John Lewis plus an up-close look at the Arthr product range.

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