World Arthritis Day: Elly's Story

Written by Elly Witney-Hill, 07 October

This World Arthritis Day Elly Witney-Hill shares her story to raise awareness about arthritis.

My diagnosis started when I was 18, I had a hip injury that resulted in osteoarthritis, after 8 operations, at 21 I finally had a total hip replacement and had my other hip pinned in place.

Living with arthritis effects my every day life. Some days I can be great and can play with my children, other days I need my husband to assist in getting me dressed.

Living with arthritis is so difficult especially being a young woman. The Arthr royal pillow is amazing idea and can really help with sleep!! Although I don’t suffer with arthritis in my hands, the LBA kitchen range is great and I have recommended it to family members.

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